Vacuum Excavators

Vermeer Midwest offers a wide range of vacuum excavation equipment for your pipeline and utility installation needs. Whether you’re dealing with mud, water, sawdust or most other non-hazardous substances, Vermeer Midwest carries industry leading vacuum excavator brands McLaughlin and Vactron. 

Designed to help locate underground utilities (potholing), hydro excavation, air excavation or vacuum excavation, Vermeer industrial vacuums have a variety of wet and dry uses. In addition to excavation, they can be used for slurry removal, industrial clean-up, manhole clean out, lift station clean out and much more.

Over 50 models are available in truck, trailer or skid mounted configurations. Our industrial vacuum excavators lineup comes equipped with gas, diesel or super diesel engine options to fit your needs. Trailer mounted options are available from 250 up to 1,200 gallon capacities, while truck vacuum options have a capacity of up to 3,000 gallons.

McLaughlin vacuum excavators are built in Greenville, South Carolina and has been involved in the underground industry for over 90 years. McLaughlin equipment has a reputation for building dependable, low maintenance equipment. McLaughlin excavators offer both air and hydro-excavation for safely finding and exposing existing infrastructure. 

​Vactron Equipment is based in Okahumpka, Florida and is one of the world’s largest producers of vacuum excavation equipment. They offer more than 30 industrial vacuum products and more than 50 wet and dry uses for their products. Vactron’s commitment is to build strength, safety, durability and one-of-a-kind features into their products.