"With Vermeer Projects, I'm able to save myself a lot of time in the field. I can do a 500 foot bore in 20 minutes, as opposed to what used to take a 2-3 hours. Vermeer projects is saving Miller time every day. By using Vermeer Projects, we've been able to help our customers tremendously."
John Gregor
HDD Supervisor, Miller Pipeline

HDD Productivity Tools

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Vermeer Productivity Tools for Horizontal Directional Drills

On the drill, the job or in the office, Vermeer productivity tools for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) make it easier to access information about your machines and projects. Choose a single Vermeer productivity tool, or combine them to make your operations more efficient by simplifying the bidding process, improving communications, helping to increase your crew’s output and presenting a professional image to your customers.

Manage Your Business

Vermeer productivity tools will help you better manage your business from planning to mapping and producing to invoicing. This web-based software easily allows you to capture and manage jobsite documentation, and share it with others. Adding optional productivity tools, like Projects +Mapping, you can mark utility lines, plan bores and export professional as-built reports. 

Manage Your Fleet

Arm your Vermeer equipment with Vermeer Telematics technology that delivers important information to fleet managers and owners. With this free software, you’ll have real-time, around-the-clock machine monitoring and reporting. The complimentary base package includes GPS location, geofencing, and hours tracking for the first three years when you purchase a new Vermeer machine.

You can also upgrade select equipment for additional day-to-day efficiencies. The upgraded Vermeer Telematics Silver package will help reduce operating expenses with added maintenance alert notifications, equipment monitoring (ex: idle times and fuel consumption), and fault diagnostic codes.

Design Advanced Bore Plans

The Vermeer BoreAid® design tool gives you the ability to plan in detail bores right from your computer. The program accounts for soil conditions, product type, machine model and other selected parameters.

On-Rig Assistance

Vermeer BoreAssist lets the operator load, edit and/or create a bore plan on the DCI® DigiTrak® Aurora® display. Coupled with Log-While-Drilling (LWD™), the drill rig operator can compare Log-While-Drilling data to the plan using BoreAssist and follow a rod-by-rod plan to drill the planned bore.

Training Support

We can help you and your crew get started with any of the Vermeer productivity tools. We’ll make sure everyone on your team understands how to use the tools and be there to answer any questions. Contact us today!