Smitty's tree service


For more than 65 years, Smitty’s Tree Service led by Charlie Schutt has been one of the most trusted tree services in the Chicagoland area. Similarly to Vermeer Midwest, they are a third-generation family owned business. Their Certified Arborists work daily to provide for their customers. They live in the neighborhoods that they serve, and helping their communities look their best is a rewarding experience that they are honored to be a part of. 


Last year, Chaz Schutt spoke with Travis Ostreko and explained that their biggest constraint is space in their mulch yard. Travis suggested they look into adding a conveyor, at the time we had just began selling Vector by MGL products. Chaz asked to see a demo of this machine to see if it would be a good solution to their space issue. Chaz and team was able to demo the VT80 conveyor which then led to the purchase of this machine. 

Having this VT80 has allowed Smitty’s to stack their materials up to 35′ tall, something that would not have been possible with their loaders. The VT80 allows them to stack material to new heights with minimal work and maintenance. This also eliminates the need to double handle the product. Chaz’s favorite part of the VT80 is it’s simplicity and minimal required maintenance. 

“It’s simply a great machine!” – Chaz Schutt, Chief Operations Officer


“Life is all about surrounding yourself with good people. As the Bible says in Luke 6:31 – ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ I think this pretty well sums up our relationship with Vermeer Midwest across the board.” – Chaz Schutt, Chief Operations Officer

Troy Bossler was Smitty’s Tree Service sales rep for years and when he moved to Missouri, Smitty’s Tree Service was unsure what the next chapter with Vermeer Midwest would hold in terms of support. Troy sold Smitty’s their first HG4000 grinder, which sparked big growth within their business. After this purchase, Travis Ostreko, VMW’s Recycling & Forestry Specialist, stepped in and offered countless support and still does to this day. It’s because of this support that Smitty’s Tree Service continues to do business with Vermeer Midwest. Ryan Priola stepped into Troy Bossler’s position and they purchased five gas BC1800’s.

“Everyone at Vermeer Midwest goes the extra mile to support us. Their ability to be “johnny on the spot” during dire times allow for us to have a good business relationship. They have a great group of guys that always keep the pieces moving in the right direction. This is a vital part of our great relationship that we have and will hopefully continue to have for years to come.” – Chaz Schutt, Chief Operations Officer