For the last 136 years, Rees Construction Company, located in Quincy, Illinois, has been serving the Western Illinois communities, specializing in sewer and water line extensions including repairs and replacement, site work excavation and concrete, curb and gutter services and PCC paving.

The company quickly jumped on purchasing a Vermeer VXT300 for a variety of reasons. This VXT300 would help with utility locating on jobs while being more efficient and productive throughout the day.

“Owning a VXT300 keeps us Equipped to Do More material, makes jobs faster and easier, and gives us the ability to locate more and at deeper depths.” – Cody Hall, Laborer 


In 2015, the Illinois Veteran’s Home in Quincy, IL was the location of a deadly Legionnaires outbreak that sickened dozens of patients and staff. To prevent a future outbreak, Rees Construction has been using their VXT300 to work on a $12 million water loop and water treatment plant upgrade. This project entails constructing 6,300 ft. of water main with over 20 water services, an above ground water storage tank, and a state of the art ultra filtration system.

Owning a vac truck makes excavation way easier. It allows you to let the truck do the work with the hydraulic boom. You just have to use your cutting wand to dissolve and slurrify the ground. The truck sucks it up, so you use little to no manpower. It makes locating utilities faster and more efficient. – Dan Dingledine, Vermeer Midwest Territory Manager


The VXT300 truck vac series is specifically crafted for contractors who prioritize swift and dependable vacuum excavation, seamlessly transporting materials from worksites to dumping areas. A few of the highlights of this VXT300 include:

  • Cam-over rear door
    • The highly reliable cam-over design provides a 360-degree positive seal, with no additional clamping and no in-tank moving parts.
  • Low profile
    • Low overall height of 11.5 ft (3.51 m). Drive under a 12-ft (3.66-m) shop door or bridge with comfort. Plus, one of the lightest 8-yd³ (6.1-m³) trucks in the industry to maximize payload.
  • Reverse flow option
    • Keep your work moving forward with the ability to offload spoil efficiently and clear hose clogs quickly. Reverse the airflow by changing the valve position for positive tank pressure.
  • Innovative control system
    • Choose from durable full-function belly-pack or handheld remotes. Innovative control system allows for one-person operation.

“The sheer volume of material you can suck up due to the power of this truck along with the remote control are a complete game changer and are what helped convince our ownership that we needed a VXT300.” – Cody Hall, Laborer

  • Available winter packages
    • Optional 420k BTU water heater and winter packages for operation in cold climates.

“My favorite feature of the VXT300 is the hot water feature that allows me to cut through roots a lot faster. Also, I don’t have to hang a hose over my shoulder, drag hoses, or hook it up because the vac truck does that all on its own.” – Chad Hummer, Laborer