lineal contracting


Lineal Contracting is a conduit & underground construction company located in Bedford, IN. The business functions as a telecommunication contractor for municipalities, water, and electrical companies. Ryan Sullivan founded the company 24 years ago, and twenty of those years have been spent as a Vermeer Midwest customer. 

Ryan Sullivan now manages 70 employees and runs 13 drill crews. Over the years, Lineal Contracting has purchased 11 drill packages in a variety of sizes, 11 Yanmar excavators, 6 Vac Trailers, and one recently purchased VXT600 Vac Truck. 


Lineal Contracting is the first company in Indiana to purchase a D40x55DR rock drill. Many of their jobs are located in Southern Indiana in extremely rocky ground conditions, so they needed a machine to tackle these jobs. Prior to the purchase of this drill, they had been using a standard Vermeer drill with an air hammer or rock head for any bores in rocky ground conditions. This worked well, but Ryan decided that it was time to purchase a pure rock drill to work more effectively and efficiently in these tough ground conditions.

When looking to purchase a rock drill, they first demoed the D23x30DR, but decided they needed a bigger drill with a higher rod capacity for longer shots. With the help of territory manager Jake Gay and sales manager Troy Gipson, Lineal Contracting was able to get their hands on a D40x55DR drill. This drill was exactly what they were looking for.


Lineal Contracting works with all three of our Indiana locations since they cover so much ground with their contracts. Over the years, Ryan has developed a strong relationship with his sales manager, Troy Gipson, current salesman, Jake Gay, and parts manager, Tobie Pittman.

“All the guys at Vermeer Midwest are stand-up guys. They’ve helped me from when I was starting out and didn’t have a lot of money, all the way to now. Vermeer Midwest has always been by my side and I know that they would do anything for me. [The team is] always available to help, even if that means waiting late at the shop for me to come get a part.”

Ryan believes that Vermeer Midwest and their equipment is one of the main reasons that his business has continued to grow and be successful. We are thankful for our partnership with Ryan and all the employees at Lineal Contracting. Vermeer Midwest is excited for the future and our combined growth!

Lineal Contracting's Vermeer D40x55DR