Vermeer Midwest offers a variety of equipment to meet all your landscaping and tree care needs.

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Residental & Commercial Landscape

The answer to your landscape challenges can be found in Vermeer yellow.

Powerful. Compact. Reliable.

Designing, creating or enhancing green spaces can be a challenge. You need equipment that is powerful, compact and reliable. A mini skid steer is a great addition to your fleet. Vermeer mini skid steers are known throughout the landscaping industry as being versatile, compact and easy to use and maintain.

Clear. Grind. Remove.

But we know there is more than meets the eye on a new, beautified outside space. There could be brush to clear, stumps to grind or water features to install. With a full line-up of brush chippers, stump cutters and pedestrian trenchers, Vermeer has a full plate of options to get it done, no matter the task.

Equip. Attach. Complete.

Equip yours with a bucket, grapple, dozer blade, land leveler, auger — or one of numerous more options — to complete your landscape work.

Top Landscaping Equipment

Mini Skid Steers

With a wide variety of attachments and heavy-duty lift capacity available, Vermeer mini skid steers are ready to help take the backbreaking work out of your job.

Designed with professional landscapers and tree care contractors in mind, Vermeer mini skid steers (or compact utility loaders) fit into small spaces and are lightweight. With a wide variety of attachments available – and a universal mounting plate for quick hookup – these mini skid loaders are ready to tackle your jobsite tasks.

The Vermeer mini skid steer lineup has an operating capacity range from 500 lb – 1600 lb (226.8 kg – 725.7 kg), and several industry-leading safety features help protect the operator. These highly productive skid steers maneuver easily around tough worksites and reduce workloads in the process.

Articulated Compact Loaders

High lifting capabilities and a telescopic boom feature allows the Vermeer compact articulated loaders to extend their efficiency on the jobsite. A multi-tool attachment plate will have you ready to tackle a variety of jobs such as snow removal, tree work and landscaping projects.

The Vermeer compact articulated loaders (ATX) are designed to meet the need for a highly maneuverable, versatile machine while having an added benefit of low turf disturbance. These ATX mini compact loaders also feature a telescopic boom allowing customers great reach on the jobsite. With the multi-tool attachment plate, the compact articulated loaders are able to complete diverse jobs such as snow removal, tree care work, landscaping projects and other various applications.

Brush Chippers

Vermeer brush chippers are a great value for professionals looking to boost productivity.

Built to withstand the daily grind, Vermeer brush chippers are engineered with exclusive features that promote easy operation, high efficiency and operator safety. These brush chippers are for arborists, contractors and tree care crews looking to capitalize the process of clearing wood debris and logs or limbs with small to medium diameters.

The SmartFeed feed-sensing control enhances productivity by optimizing efficient hardwood processing. The Ecoldle™ engine control system is adjustable, saves fuel and reduces noise by automatically reducing engine speed after one or five minutes of inactivity.

Stump Cutters

Since we invented the stump grinder in the 1950s, commercial tree care operations have counted on Vermeer.

With a combination of power, ranging from 25-74 hp (18.6-55.2 kW), agility and toughness, Vermeer stump cutters are ready to take on almost any tree stump.

With the Vermeer exclusive AutoSweep® system, tree stumps are simply swept away, one pass after another. The proprietary Vermeer cutter systems are both designed to provide faster, easier serviceability, as well as extended tooth life. Plus, specific stump grinder models have tracks and provide low ground bearing pressure, which helps reduce the possibility of turf damage.

Pedestrian Trenchers

For smaller utility installation projects, a Vermeer walk-behind trencher is the way to go. All our models are easily portable with efficient maneuverability in tight spaces.

The Vermeer lineup of pedestrian trenchers offers a proven solution to a range of installation needs. A variety of boom length and chain options are available to tackle multiple different ground conditions and installation requirements. With a lineup of flexible power options, user-friendly controls and cutting-edge design, these versatile machines can match the fluctuating demands of your jobsite.

Vermeer pedestrian trenchers feature a range of 13-hp – 25-hp (9.7-kW – 18.6-kW) engines, a 30-in – 48-in (76.2- cm – 121.9-cm) digging depths, and a slender profile which allows units to move through narrow yard gates. Rubber tracks offer outstanding traction in soft, rocky or muddy conditions with minimal ground disturbance. Plus, the “no tool needed” access to all serviceable components makes maintenance easy to tackle.

Teupen Spider Lifts

Specially configured to address the height access needs of the Tree Care Industry.

The CANOPY® Series gives you the ability to diversify your work so you can capitalize on new revenue streams. The CANOPY® lift can substitute for a bucket truck and then add many new applications and job opportunities that would be unreachable with a truck only (i.e.: courtyards, backyards, around pool decks, across sodded and irrigated lawns, cart paths, etc.). Additionally, you can extend the career and contributions of your most experienced climbers.