For the last 50 years, Derry Electric, located in Warsaw, Indiana, has been serving the northern Indiana communities, specializing in all areas of underground utility construction. 

Founder and owner, Dave Derry, has relied on Vermeer equipment to help his team get the job done from the start. His first Vermeer purchase was a V-450 trencher/plow and they’ve owned countless pieces of equipment since then.

The way that Derry Electric operates is different from many customers. They will purchase a brand new directional drill or RTX1250i2 trencher and then two years later trade in for another new unit. When asked why they do this Tom Lozier, Operations Manager, stated

“We get the most trade value on equipment at two years, and are eliminating downtime which keeps uptime. Most importantly, we are keeping fresh equipment because we want the best that is available. ” 

In 1988, Derry Electric purchased their first piece of Vermeer equipment – V-450 trencher/plow. 


Currently, Derry Electric owns directional drills, trenchers, plows, mix trailers, locators, vacuum excavators, and Yanmar mini excavators. The reason that Derry Electric continues to do business with Vermeer Midwest is because of the long-term relationships. 

“All of the guys at the Fort Wayne shop have over 20 years of experience. Dave Brumbaugh (Territory Manager), Jeremy Wills (Parts Manager), and Shane Mumma (Service Manager) often know more about our equipment than we do. We’ve had no issues and have been treated well by everyone. Additionally, Vermeer is leading the industry in innovative products. They always have the latest and greatest and are one step ahead of their competitors which is important to us.” – Tom Lozier, Operations Manager

Derry Electric believes that their partnership with Vermeer Midwest is one of the main reasons that their business has continued to grow the past 50 years. Vermeer Midwest is excited for the future and our combined growth with Derry Electric! 


Derry Electric crews lead by example. Contractors throughout Northern Indiana often take note on how Derry Electric crews perform on the job and take care of their equipment. Derry Electric takes pride in the cleanliness of their equipment and their job sites. 

“When they trade in equipment it looks as clean as the new unit that’s coming out.” – Dave Brumbaugh, Territory Manager

On Derry Electric’s job sites, the crew members are extremely efficient and effective. Once they start a project, they are going to finish it as quickly as possible. They do this by training all their crew members on all jobs. Therefore, when they are on the job sites, they are capable of helping out wherever they are needed.