BRL Land Solutions


BRL Land Solutions is a forestry mulching and land clearing business located in Geneseo, Illinois. The business is able to do anything from right-of-way pipeline clearing to private owners, farms, hunting land, and horse facilities.

When asked about what the company can do, Bran Laingen stated,

“Anything that has brush that you don’t want to mow, BRL Land Solutions covers.”

Brad Laingen, owner of the company, recognized the difficulty of moving farm equipment between fields. This even made it more challenging for employees to maintain their fields and stay on top of their work. Laingen started the business on his friend’s property, and has now been in business full time for the last 4 years.


Brad Laingen believed he needed a machine with enough horsepower to run the mulching head with small enough dimensions to move machines on various properties. The SV100 with the Fecon mulching head was able to satisfy those needs.

Because Yanmar and Fecon products are compatible, they offer a machine that most competitors don’t in this weight class. 

“No other brand offers this same weight to horsepower ratio (72 hp: 21,000lbs) with the VMX50 Fecon Mulching Head on the machine.”

– Andy Van Soelen, Vermeer Midwest Territory Manager

Laingen emphasized that this is a versatile machine. Transporting one machine to a job site saves time and money. He is now able to mulch, grub trees, pile materials and more with just this machine. 

“A lot of times I will get into a job site and not exactly know what I’m getting into. This machine allows me to tackle whatever the job throws at me, even if I may not always know what that looks like.”

– Brad Laingen, Owner

This Yanmar SV100 and Fecon VMX 50 mulching head combo would be the perfect addition to any company who is providing pipeline/energy right-of-way clearing, and or small land clearing for properties. Contact your local Vermeer Midwest sales rep here to learn more about this set up.