Verità Telecommunications


Michael Falsetti sold his previous telecommunications engineering and construction company in 2012. After a couple years of planning, he decided to build a business centered around what he considered the best part of the company – design and engineering, fiber and small cell construction, and a focus on underground construction. Michael started Verità in 2014 with big plans of expansion. In the summer of 2015, they hired their first group of employees.

At first, they tackled small cell builds in the upper Midwest. Small cells help prevent connectivity issues when there are big groups congregating in one area – think downtown districts and concert venues. Initially, Verità started working on 4G sites, and they have since migrated to 5G sites as technology has improved. The demand for 5G is now so great that there is a need for sites every kilometer.


Verità’s first major project was the Crown Castle Project in Akron. This 450,000 ft job was behind schedule, so in order to deliver the project, Crown Castle determined they would need to go underground for the entirety of the job. Because of the tight deadline and size of the project, Verità used both in house and subcontract boring crews for drilling, and they were able to get it done in three short months. This experience made Michael realize that there was an opportunity to be a full-service company specializing in complex jobs, including specialty underground projects such as river crossings, freeway crossings, and long-haul projects. 

Within a few short few years, Verità has established their grade-A reputation with bigger accounts like Comcast, AT&T, T-Mobile, Everstream, Crown Castle, Extenet Systems – and there’s no stopping them now! Today, Michael and his team have accumulated 22 drills and 6 excavation crews with a total of 250 employees. The team is also running 20 drill subcontractors across the Great Lakes States.

“We want to be known as a high-quality contract firm with plenty of horsepower in that area. Because of that, we can deploy quickly and get in and out of projects as fast as possible.”


Michael states, “My first piece of equipment was actually from a competitor of yours. From a technology perspective, you guys are ahead, but it’s very competitive. But what really sets Vermeer aside for us is the service and relationship. It’s a family environment.”

“Now we’re at a point where we can measure and understand how to operate our machines better. Our construction teams have built a great relationship with Vermeer Midwest and Vermeer Corp representatives in their local markets. It’s great to have face time with them and be able to give feedback directly to the manufacturer.”

“Our guys are very entrenched with your guys, and I don’t have to get involved with everything. If we need something like parts or getting a loaner, Vermeer is always there. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your help.”

Yanmar Central Business District Open Trench

Verità used all the Yanmar equipment in the city of Detroit to assist T-Mobile in the deployment of new 5G sites.
Verità Working on the Manistee River Crossing

This 2000 ft job was a legal mandate. All telecom providers needed to move their fiber before the bridge was torn down, so it was a race against the clock. Vermeer Midwest had our Michigan team helping too. They introduced us to trailing rods, which helped Verità get across the river in record time.
I-94 Crossing

This job was another legal mandate to widen I-94. All utilities need to move. Verità installed 12-4" conduits under 3,500 ft of highway.