Saluting Branches Vermeer AX17 Sweepstakes


Oak Bros Tree Care out of Bloomington, IL! On June 27, 2023 we delivered this Vermeer/Saluting Branches AX17 Brush Chipper to Oak Bros Tree Care. They won a FREE one year lease of this AX17 Brush Chipper.


Oak Bros Tree Care is looking forward to using this Saluting Branches AX17 Brush Chipper to give back to veterans in the Central Illinois area. 

They plan to partner with local veteran groups to find 12 different veteran families that are in need of tree care work at their residential homes. Then they will go out and perform this tree care work for free using this free Saluting Branches AX17 Brush Chipper they won.

At the end of the year, they are going to invite all twelve families to a big dinner with the entire Oak Bros Tree Care team to show appreciation for all they’ve done for our country.

This chipper means the world to us in the sense that we are blessed to be a blessing….It’s our way to give back.” – Josh Guin, Owner of Oak Bros Tree Care

Congratulations to Oak Bros Tree Care on winning the Vermeer – Saluting Branches AX17 Sweepstakes!


Saluting Branches’ mission: 

“We honor American service men and women by organizing volunteer tree and landscape care for the property dedicated to our veterans.”

Since 2015, Saluting Branches has hosted an Annual Saluting Branches Day of Service in the fall. This is an event where tree care companies, arborists, and industry professionals gather together at local veterans’ cemeteries throughout the country to ensure their properties are safe and beautiful spaces for all who visit.

For anyone not in the industry, there are many other volunteer opportunities such as set up/take down, greeting, staffing the registration table, setting up food, taking photos, picking up sticks, pulling weeds, etc. 

Sign up to volunteer for this year’s 9th Annual Saluting Branches Day of Service on September 20, 2023 here!