Munds Enterprises was founded by Pete Munds 18 years ago. The company is located in Springfield, Illinois and works within a plethora of industries. From interior remodeling to tree services, Munds Enterprises has you covered, and they use multiple pieces of Vermeer equipment in order to get their jobs done.


It all started when Pete’s friend, Steve Turner (another customer who owns Tri County Stump Removal), brought Pete to the biennial Tree School event that takes place in Goodfield (and all other Vermeer Midwest locations). Here, Pete was introduced to Troy Janssen, who became his right hand salesman. Troy was able to show him some chippers and other tree care equipment that day, and shortly after, Munds Enterprises started leasing the BC1500.


Munds Enterprises grew and continued to purchase more equipment from Vermeer Midwest. Munds Enterprises now owns a BC1500, BC1800XL, Teupen Spider Lift, S600TX, and a CTX100 with an LG46 grapple. According to Pete, “having these pieces of Vermeer equipment on hand has allowed my business to go from completing two to three jobs in a day to four to five now. The BC1800XL, Teupen, and mini skids have boosted our productivity by about double.”


Pete has enrolled all of his machines in Confidence Plus®, our service program that protects the productivity and value of your Vermeer equipment. The planned maintenance program also helps customers manage expenses and offers peace of mind. Munds finds Confidence Plus® to be a huge asset. Pete expresses, “Having you guys being able to work on our machines that day and get it back up and running – that’s huge. Tree work is by far the hardest on our machines, but Confidence Plus® has been nice because you track your hours, call up Vermeer, and they come down and take care of you. I’m tired of being a full-time business owner and operator, and then having to get estimates and a part-time mechanic. That’s a whole other job, but it’s senseless because you aren’t making any money from it. Confidence Plus allows you to leave it up to the pros and not have to take time out of your day to worry about the maintenance. We really hit a home run with Confidence Plus®.”


Munds Enterprises has gotten creative with their equipment. They’ve been in a tight spot before, like when a tree had grown into a deck, but there was no way to get to the tree besides through a 48” gate. The Teupen came to the rescue. The German-engineered spider lift made the job easier and eliminated the possibility of tearing the deck down or having to bring in a crane to fit in the tight space.

The Teupen has also come in handy when customers needed work done to their fascia, soffit, and guttering on houses. Munds Enterprises has also used it to paint houses, hang Christmas lights, clean gutters, and complete siding jobs. These versatile machines certainly allow for a wide range of use. Get creative and see what other jobs you can complete by investing in our machines!