Building the Best Since 1971.

Vermeer Midwest is the authorized dealer of Vermeer equipment in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and eastern Missouri. From sales and rentals to parts and service, we are a full-service dealership with ten locations built to serve you.

We believe that customer service is not just what we do but is who we are. Our culture inspires us to do whatever it takes to maximize our customers productivity and profit. 

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Our History

Junior Kool began grinding welds in 1957 as one of Vermeer Corporate’s early employees. In 1962, he started selling Vermeer equipment and building personal relationships along the way. Using his hands-on experience, Junior helped customers match the right equipment to the task at hand. Then he did whatever it took to keep those customers happy, even when it meant long hours and lengthy trips to customer jobsites.

Junior and his wife Beverly opened the first Vermeer Midwest location in Eureka, Illinois in 1971. They quickly became known for their personal approach to customer service and their interest in seeing their customers succeed.

As their customer base expanded, so did their number of locations. Driven by customer requests and their dedication to personal customer care, Junior and Beverly grew their business to the ten locations that make up Vermeer Midwest today. With well over 100 years of combined experience, the company’s management team carries Junior’s vision forward while also integrating technology designed to
enhance the customer experience.

As a larger, multi-state operation, Vermeer Midwest brings additional value to its customers. All ten branches are linked together, creating a regional network of parts, equipment and technical service know-how. And a fleet of 30 mobile service vehicles gives customers quick access to experienced technicians, parts and on-site trouble-shooting.The business looks a lot different today than it did in 1971. But one thing hasn’t changed: a genuine commitment to personal customer care.

Go the extra mile. Work the extra hours. Get your boots dirty on the jobsite. Do whatever it takes to take care of the customer. At Vermeer Midwest, this isn’t a banner on the wall or some statement in a business plan. It’s simply how business is done.

"I knew Vermeer Midwest would back up their product. I will never falsely promote something. I promote what is worthy. We've had this machine running every day for a year and had zero problems. It's a fantastic machine."
Tom Kirk
Owner, Henson Disposal & Recycling
Vermeer Midwest, hands down, second-to-none, is one of the best customer service companies I work with, if not the best. Not only is their price great; on the rare occasion that one does go down or we have a malfunction, they keep us working."
Schatz Underground
Dave Schatz
Fleet Manager, Schatz Underground