·       Shop is 22,500 sqft.

·        We keep the shop clean and organized to maintain a safe and productive enivironment

·        Entire shop floor has been ground and sealed to prevent dusty working conditions

·       Everything is outlined and labeled

o  Overhead crane systems X 4. QTY – 2.  3 Tons in front part of shop and a 5 ton and a 7.5 ton in back (new) section of the shop

·       Welding/Fabrication Bay

o  Plasma CNC table for cutting out parts, murals, ect

o  Piranha Iron worker for shearing, punching, bending steel

·       Hose making station

o  ¼”-1” capability

·       Fastenal Vending/Locker stations

o  Consumables

o  Engine service tools

·       Tornado rated locker room

o  Has precast walls

·       Qty 4 used oil-burning furnaces

o  Approx. 13,000 gallons burned a year

·       Wash bay is drive through. 25’ wide X 90‘ long

o  Dual pressure washer pumps and steam cleaner, allows us to wash two different items at once