Can you afford the risk of hitting utilities?

Be precise, be safe, be profitable. 

Jobsite safety is one of the most important activities facing contractors today. Jobsites are more complex and congested than ever before. Damaging underground utilities and structures has serious implications for your personnel and bottom line.  

Exposing underground utilities by potholing or daylighting is the best way to confirm location and depth. Vacuum excavation is the safest way to expose these existing utilities – its quick, minimizes impact on the surrounding area, and keeps restoration costs low. 

Vermeer Midwest has over 50 models of vacuum excavators and solutions to fit your needs. Trailer mounted options are available from 250 up to 1,200 gallon capacities with a number of different engine options, diesel or gas. Truck vacuum options have a capacity of up to 3,000 gallons. 

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